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Design Thinking: Fairytale Furniture Company

(Original Post: October 14., 2019)

Library Collaboration with Division 7 is AMAZING!

Instead of a teacher prep block, Library Time is now a collaboration block with the wonderful Miss D and her class!

We've been weaving fairytales (books and oral retellings) into ADST activities as we focus our efforts on design thinking and creating with empathy in mind.

The Three Little Pigs Cousins

Now that the three little pigs live together in the brick house, life has become little crowded. It's about to get even cozier with the pigs' cousin, rubber ducky, coming for a sleepover!

The students designed bunk beds that met the special sleeping needs of the pigs and the duck:

Pig #1: Rolls around a lot

Pig #2: Sleep Apnea (resulting in loud snoring)

Pig #3: Talks in his sleep

Ducky: Only used to sleeping alone

Miss D used the magic of the red clown classes and transformed into Inspector Clouseau, the little pigs' furniture agent. Each student had one minute to explain the bunk bed design to the inspector, highlighting the special features of their design.

The pigs were very impressed by the bunk bed creations and spread the word to their friends in Fairytale Land. Inspector Clouseau suggested that the students start a furniture company to help the citizens of Fairytale Land. The students eagerly agreed and have begun to create their company's logo.

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