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Zentangle in the Library

(Original Post: March 7, 2021)

In November 2020, I became a Certified Zentangle Teacher® through Rick Roberts & Maria Thomas's

CZT Seminar held on Zoom.

​I was introduced to the Zentangle Method® by CZT Natasha Dash ( in June 2017. The Zentangle Method® has brought me much peace in times of anxiety, especially during the current pandemic.

As I continued my tangling journey, I realized that my students could greatly benefit from learning and participating in tangling. This is one of the main reasons I decided to be certified by Zentangle Headquarters.

My grand plans of after school tangle clubs and rainy day tangling in the library have been put on hold due to COVID-19. Instead, I’ve scaled back and started by introducing tangling to one class, Division 4.

During our collaboration time, the Grade 3 and 4 students eagerly participated in my very first Basics 101 class. For over an hour, the students eagerly tangled their first tiles. It was so quiet; you could only hear the scratching of pens and calm breathing. I've taught many of the students for several years now and I know which ones lack perseverance, focus, and self-confidence.

However, none of these traits made an appearance during the class.

Instead, students enjoyed the process, and more importantly, they were proud of their work. This was most evident when the students placed their tiles together in a mosaic. The students congratulated each other and offered warm praise.

The students created tangled ornaments a few days later as gifts for their parents. I wasn’t there for the ornaments, but the classroom teacher remarked on the intense focus and pleasure the students had on improving the same tangles learned earlier in the week.

​To see more of my tangling journey :

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